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A couple of months ago I was approached by a start-up company called SideChef, the makers of a new cooking App. I was honored when they asked if I would be one of their featured chefs! About a year ago they had a very successful KickStarter campaign and then officially launched the first version of the iPad app earlier this year.

SideChef Profile Page

The app allows you to search and save recipes from over 50 chefs and food bloggers like me as well as recipes users upload. When you go to actually make one of the recipes it walks you through each step along with pictures and sometimes even audio and video. What I was most excited about was the fact that it gives me a place to share all of my recipe creations, not just my baked ones. So far I’ve uploaded many of the recipes I’ve posted on my website, but I have plans to start putting my savory recipes like Peach Salsa, Moroccan stew and homemade tomato sauce all on there as well. All users can upload their own recipes to share with the SideChef community and are encouraged to do so.

SideChef is currently available for the iPhone only since they are working on updating their iPad app. They are also coming out with a version for Android. Here are some shots of what the first version of the iPad app looked like:

SIdeChef Recipe Page-1

SIdeChef Recipe Page-2Stay tuned for more updates on this awesome new app!

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