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Below you will find detailed descriptions of the cake flavors offered through my Etsy “Treat of the Month” club. Visit the 80Cakes Etsy shop to place your order!

Monthly Flavor Menu


Chocolate Peppermint cake is a classic holiday flavor combination. Chocolate cake infused with pure peppermint and studded with chocolate chips. Drizzled with a melted Belgian white chocolate.

Baklava Mini-Bundt CakesBaklava is a well known Greek dessert made with layers of phyllo dough that has lots of cinnamon and nuts in between, and then topped with a honey glaze. To replicate the famous dessert into a mini-bundt cake I use an olive oil cake batter (since phyllo dough is typically made with olive oil). The cake batter is then layered with a cinnamon walnut mixture, just like the layers found in Baklava, and topped off with a similar honey-lemon syrup.


Egg & Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies are a great treat for vegans as well as those trying to watch their cholesterol. These large chocolate chip cookies are so rich and chewy you would never guess they were made without any eggs or dairy.


Mexican Coffee was inspired by a drink called Cafe de Olla. It is a spiced coffee drink, usually with cinnamon, that is made in an Olla (unglazed ceramic pot). There are many variations of the Cafe de Olla recipe to be found. Some use spices like clove or anise, and some also add chocolate. This cake has a coffee base, with cinnamon and chocolate swirled together into one delicious mini-bundt. Topped with a chocolate drizzle it is a unique combination of flavors that you won’t want to miss.

Chocolate Chip Cookie cake is just what it sounds like, a chocolate chip cookie in cake form. Studded with chocolate chips, slightly crisp on the outside, but soft on the inside. Goes great with a dollop of whipped cream or a tall glass of milk.


Chocolate Covered Strawberry cake is perfect for the romantic month of February. Fresh strawberry pound cake drizzled with Belgian dark chocolate.

White Chocolate Passion fruitis another great flavor combination. Made with passion fruit puree and belgian white chocolate.


Maple Blueberry is a wonderful flavor combination that reminds me of the Sunday morning blueberry pancakes my dad would make for us. Maple syrup is harvested from the sap of Maple trees in the North Eastern United States and Canada usually starting in the month of March each year. That’s why this month’s mini-bundt cake flavor is made using pure Vermont maple syrup and fresh blueberries.

Guiness-Cake-editedGuinness Chocolate is a perfect treat for stout lovers, or just chocolate lovers in general. The rich characteristics of Guinness pair beautifully with the chocolate in this delicious pound cake. The taste of the Guinness is very subtle since all of the alcohol bakes off during the cooking process. It is an exceptionally moist cake that has an added depth of flavor making it unique from other chocolate cakes


Lemon Anise cake was inspired by one of my favorite Italian cookies, a lemon anise cookie covered in lemon glaze. This mini-bundt cake has the same wonderful flavor combinations. Made with lemon juice, natural anise extract, and a little Sambuca. The anise flavor is very subtle and really adds extra depth to the lemon. It is topped off with a light lemon glaze.

Cinnamon Bun is a  tribute to the Kanelbulle (Swedish cinnamon bun). Cinnamon and brown sugar are swirled into the batter and the cake is then topped with a cinnamon brown sugar glaze.


Rose Pistachio cake was inspired by one of my husband’s favorite Indian desserts called a Ladoo. The dominant flavors are rose water and pistachio, but there is also almond, saffron and cardamom. The flavors all meld together into a truly unique experience. This cake would be a perfect breakfast treat or afternoon snack with a cup of tea.

Earl Grey Tea is a black tea that is flavored with bergamot oil.  Bergamot is a type of citrus fruit typical of Southeast Asia, but also grown commercially in Italy. To replicate one of the world’s most famous teas, I infused this cake with a high quality black tea blend and then flavored it with pure oil of bergamot extract, then topped it with a tea infused glaze.


Pina Colada is a wonderful tropical rum drink that has been replicated in this mini-bundt cake. This version is a “virgin” pina colada, since no rum is involved, but it’s still bursting with pineapple and coconut flavor.

Peaches & Cream is a wonderful combination that translates perfectly into this mini-bundt cake. Bursting with farm fresh peaches and a cream cheese swirl baked right into the cake.


Mango Ginger cake is probably one of my most popular flavors. I had never had a mango before traveling to India, and it has now become one of my favorite fruits. This cake is made with natural mango puree with just a hint of ginger to complement it.

Key Lime Pie cake is my take on the popular dessert, only as a mini-bundt cake. Made with real key lime and a graham cracker crust then topped with a coconut drizzle.www.


Dark & Stormy is a probably the most popular drink in Bermuda. Made with Bermuda black rum and fresh ginger this cake is a perfect representation of the tasty beverage. Bursting with bits of fresh ginger and topped with a rum glaze.

Banana cake makes a wonderful breakfast treat, but can also be enjoyed any time during the day. Made with extra ripe bananas and topped with a chocolate drizzle.


Masala Chai, which is usually just called Chai here in the US, is a spiced tea from India. This cake version of Masala Chai is infused with black tea and spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger then topped with a black tea glaze. This cake goes great with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and your morning coffee.

Bolo de Fuba is a sweet Brazllian cake made of cornmeal with a hint of coconut. The type of cornmeal used, called Masa Harina, is a very fine cornmeal that lends to an equally fine cake texture.


Black Forest cake is a German creation named after a liquor called Schwarzwälder Kirsch(wasser) which is distilled from tart cherries. Typically, Black Forest cake consists of several layers of chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherries between each layer. This mini-bundt cake version is a moist chocolate cake with bits of sweet cherry inside and a hint of kirsh.

Picarones is a type of Peruvian doughnut made with sweet potato, butternut squash, Pisco (a Peruvian brandy made from grapes) and spiced with cinnamon, anise, and clove. This mini-bundt is the cake version of the doughnut made with mashed sweet potato and squash and flavored with the same brandy and spices. It’s also topped with the traditional citrus glaze. It is truly a unique flavor that makes a great fall treat.


Pumpkin Spice cake makes a wonderful Thanksgiving dessert and is a great alternative to pumpkin pie. Made with pumpkin puree and spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Topped off with a vanilla glaze.

Apple-Brie-CakeApple Brie cake is a perfect gift for the brie lover in your life. I’ve always been a brie lover, but after visiting Paris for the first time and eating almost every day (even at breakfast) I decided to incorporate it into a cake. This mini-bundt is studded with diced apples, has a swirl of brie cheese baked right in and is then topped with a light drizzle of caramel.


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