Wedding Dress Cupcakes

wedding dress cupcakes

This wedding dress cupcake cake is super easy to make for a bridal shower. All you need is:

  • A large board covered in decorative cake paper
  • 30 cupcakes baked in pretty cupcake papers (I chose silver)
  • Buttercream frosting and a pastry bag to pipe it with
  • Silver dragees
  • Parchment paper
  • Decorative ribbon and other embellishments. 

Below is a shot of how I arranged 29 of the cupcakes onto the board. You will see a small gap near the center, but that will be covered by the ribbon after they are frosted.

wedding dress cupcake layout

To make the “neckline” of the dress look straighter I took the last cupcake and cut it into a wedge shape and placed it in between the two cupcakes at the top as shown below, I also wrapped them in the silver cupcake paper to blend in.

wedding dress cupcake add-onI frosted the cupcakes using a tip 1M with large swirls while they were on the board so that I was sure to get full coverage and have the buttercream touch for a continuous look. To apply the ribbon I recommend cutting a piece of parchment paper the same length and width to place in between the buttercream and the ribbon so that the buttercream doesn’t cause grease spots on the ribbon.

wedding dress cupcake ribbonI used a spatula to smooth the buttercream along the “neckline” and added silver dragees, but I didn’t attached the ribbon and floral embellishment until the cupcakes were delivered to the shower, I just left the parchment paper on.

wedding dress cupcakes



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