Mummy Cake for Halloween

Every year we like to throw a little Halloween party…although I guess it has grown into a larger Halloween party these days. Last year I wanted to make a decorated cake for the party. I had bought the Wilton skull pan a while ago, but never had a change to use it, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity. I made a red velvet cake, which was a little too soft to hold the shape so it didn’t unmold very cleanly. Because of that I decided to make the skull cake into a mummy cake.

Mummy CakeSince it was red velvet cake I decided to frost it with a traditional cream cheese buttercream. I started by applying a very thing layer of buttercream to the skull. For the eyes I cut out ovals of black fondant to place in the eye sockets, attaching with a little buttercream.  Finally to create the mummy effect I used the flat side of a tip #47 to pipe long strands of frosting across the skull in a criss-cross pattern.

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